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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Here are some pictures from Sorella Roper's mission so far! We are so pleased with her decisions and all the wonderful work she is doing in Italy! Keep up the great work, Sorella! We love you!

"My 3 amazing companions" L to R: Sorella Watson (Current), Sorella Brega (Trainer), Sorella Johnson (MTC) Aug 06 Posted by Picasa

The view for my appt...Magari! From the top of the Vatican. Aug 06
Inside the Vatican. "Can I just say how thankful i am for the restoration" :) Aug 06 Posted by Picasa

Victoria's Baptism! June 06 Posted by Picasa

Our Balcony! Eating Yummy Lunch :) May 06 Posted by Picasa

Guess Where!?!? April 06 Posted by Picasa

MTC District on the way to the AIRPORT! ITALY or bust! April 06
MTC Districts last day at Provo Temple before the big flight! April 06 Posted by Picasa

The famous map picture! March 06
Provo Temple March 06 Posted by Picasa

Saying Goodbye at the MTC Posted by Picasa